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BRAZENconversations is a semi-regular series of discussions of the social issues affecting Las Vegas, and ultimately other communities. It is an open dialogue in which people who are curious about a subject can feel comfortable asking uncomfortable questions without judgement. We have social issues in our city that affect the community-at-large. BRAZENconversations is a starting point to more meaningful resolutions.

There are no new conversations scheduled at this time.

Past conversations


Oct 14 2016


BC4 Seniors


Apr 1 2016


an open discussion on seniors in our community.

This month's discussion leaders will be Holly Reese, from The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, and Dana Serrata, from Helping Hands of Vegas Valley.

We will discuss seniors in poverty, mental acuity, malnutrition, abuse, isolation, and exclusion. You'll be able to participate in the discussion and learn what some folks are doing to care for seniors.


Our discussion leaders will be

Holly Reese - The Center

Dana Serrata - Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

Click here for more information on The Center and visit their Facebook page here

Click here for more information on Helping Hands of Vegas Valley and visit their Facebook page here

A discussion of the stigma and social impacts associated with mental illnesses.


Clear here for the Las Vegas Review Journal View's coverage


Click here for more information on the Nellie Bly Leadership Society


Click here for more information on the Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada


Jan 8 2016


Arash Ghafoori is leading the January conversation on homeless youth in Las Vegas, Surviving on the Streets. Currently, there are over 11,000 homeless youth (kids up to 22 years old) in Las Vegas. 


We’ll discuss how kids become homeless and what people are doing to help get kids off the street. Unlike adults, kids become homeless immediately. There is not gradual descent into homelessness for kids.


How do kids become homeless? How do they hide in plain sight? How to they survive on the streets? And, how do they get help?


To join the next conversation on January 8, please RSVP here


Read the Press Release here


Read the Las Vegas Review Journal story here

To learn more and get involved, contact:

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth here

The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada here

Clark County School District Youth Resources Services here

Listen to an interview on Vegas All Net Radio's Spotlight on Vegas Business show:





Watch the discussion here.

Watch some follow-up:

Monica interview
00:00 / 13:18


Nov 6 2015


Led by Merideth Spriggs and Stacy Sutton-Pollard, Homeless for the Holidays was a discussion focused on how and why people become homeless, and how the Community can help, and is helping, people move out of homelessness. 


We discovered that people typically become homeless over time, that it is not something people choose or that occurs in an instant. People lose their jobs, then their homes, then find it difficult to feed themselves and their families. That process takes time. Homeless People couch surf, sleep in their cars, and bathe in the park and gas station toilet rooms (if they’re lucky). Eventually, they lose everything and find themselves sleeping with a few possessions on the street.


Because homelessness is caused/created by a variety of circumstances, there is no single way to solve it.


We, Society, no longer see People when the Homeless are begging on the street. What Homeless People want from us is primarily a reminder that they are human. They are people. We can say hello to them and look them in the eye because, like them, we are also people. 


Watch a video of the conversation as well as following commentary


Read the full Nevada Public Radio story here


To learn more and get involved, contact:

Caridad and Nevada Homeless Alliance

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Watch the discussion here with follow-ups here

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