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This is about you, your business, or how you serve others - which may be how you present your business to your customers, how you work in the space, or how you live in it. Maybe it's something else. Let's figure it out together!


BRAZEN team members work with you to transform your ideas into new spaces and places. Together, we can create a new building or revitalize your existing building interior and exterior spaces. Working in tandem with you, our team of professionals (architectural, interior, engineering, cost, construction experts) will develop the documents that can carry your project from concept through a design/build, design/bid/build, or lean process.

In a Neighborhood Study, we research existing low-income neighborhoods, analyze the surrounding areas, and create concepts for improving neighborhoods. The team organizes to create resilient concepts and information with neighbors, neighborhood groups, advocates, developers, non-profits, businesses, and municipalities to build plans that help people where they live and work and where their children learn and play. We conduct workshops, host community outreach events, and develop planning concepts and preliminary cost analyses for all or portions of a neighborhood.  







Through an architectural Feasibility Study or Pre-business Consulting exercise, we can help you assess a potential space, building or investment property by creating site massing, building plan concepts, interior/exterior renovation possibilities, and cost opinions. This work can be as simple and an outline of options or a several-page document. 

The development/planning/zoning process examines the style and use of a building or business. We review your proposed idea alongside adjacent parcels to determine it's fit into the area and specific jurisdictional requirements. During this process, the team works with codes, standards, and municipalities to create a development package that can be submitted to the local approving jurisdiction. This package may include information such as a site plan, floor plan(s), elevations, building colors and style, code information, ownership information, and justification for the project. 

The development package can be as simple as producing information for a tenant improvement (suite build-out within an existing building) to satisfy business licensing requirements or as complex as changing zoning or a general map.





Although we provide project management services during the normal design and construction phases for projects we design in-house, we are also able to provide project management services for those projects that we don't design. Ask us how we can help.

This is an advisory role that allows us to help you work with builders, other designers, municipalities. We help you understand the process, we attend meetings, coordinate information, and a variety of other tasks so you don't have to do them.





Do you need an expert to review the design or drawings in your stead? We can help you by providing an architectural peer plan review. 

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