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Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Design Charrette 7.13.18


Monica, Nasreen, Keith, Arash

Anna Peltier - Aria Landscape Architecture

Daniel Kelly - SB Christ Consulting (Civil Engineers)

Korin Carter - Soarsa Consulting (Mechanical Plumbing Consulting)

Chris Lovett - Revolution Engineering (Electrical Engineers)

Rob Foley - Tri-Core Surveying

Kimberly Corkill - OCMI (Cost Consultants)

Adriana Gonorazky & Ryan Isaac - Innova Technologies (Structural Engineers)

We were only missing a couple of folks.

The Design Team gathered to update & discuss the design work still required for the project to be submitted to the Clark County Building Department for permitting. We discussed the June and July presentations to the Town Board and Clark County Commissioners, where both entities approved the waivers the Team requested.

We discussed the interior and exterior of the building, and how we could better develop the drawings to keep costs low for construction. Ideally, we want to help NPHY be smart and spend their construction dollars well. We know that some construction work must completed by professional installers, while other work can be completed by volunteers or youth of folks in the community who are going thru training programs for certifications - such as plumbers or electrical certifications.

Sands Cares is a financial donor for this project.




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