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Monica moderates affordable housing panel

Monica moderated a panel discussion focused on Affordable Housing Best Practices at the American Institute of Architects Las Vegas May membership meeting. The panel of experts discussed their experiences and successes as the AIA continued the 2019 Blueprint for Better - Explorations in Affordable Housing and Homelessness. The AIA's national Blueprint for Better program is designed to encourage local components to reflect upon those areas in their own communities where there is an opportunity to create and develop programs that will solve problems and improve their communities. "Blueprint for Better" is also the underlying theme of the AIA Conference on Architecture, 2019 , being held here in Las Vegas in June and AIA Las Vegas has identified "Blueprint for Better" as the overall theme for the AIA Las Vegas Chapter throughout 2019.

As we look to identify the specific needs in our own community where the "Blueprint for Better" concept can be applied, we must recognize the need for shelter, and the need to address the long standing issues of affordable housing and homelessness. The Chapter's "Blueprint for Better" in 2019 will be the Exploration Into Affordable Housing and Homelessness, with the objective of creating positive change, solving homelessness and leading the way to a better community.

Go to for more information about Blueprint for Better and for more info on AIA Las Vegas.




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